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Training and onboarding virtually—it’s possible with Eko

As we adopt work from home full-time, how can HR teams ensure sufficient training and onboarding for new hires? Here’s how Eko can help.

April 10, 2020
Angelique Parungao

According to recruitment company Socialtalent, employees with adequate onboarding experience are 18 times more engaged in their organizations, with 91% feel strongly connected to their work and 89% feel fully integrated with their company culture. With remote work fast becoming the norm, how can companies ensure that new joiners receive the same welcoming experience as usual, transition into the new culture and form fast friendships? Those looking for a solution can look no further than Eko’s vast suite of knowledge-sharing and communication features, all of which can deliver the best learning and development experience for new employees while remote.

Use Group Chat to introduce them to the company

A great way to get started is by introducing your new hire to the company-wide Group Chat along with a nice introduction or fun fact. This instantly informs everyone that there is a new joiner in the company and helps to kick off some interaction with their peers. Meanwhile, encourage your new employees to upload their photo in their Eko profile and add a bit more information about themself so that their colleagues can easily connect the name to a face.

Better yet, form a Group Chat for all the new joiners

If you have more than one new employee joining in a period of time, consider creating a separate Group Chat for all of them. This way, they can meet fellow employees who are also in a similar situation and can bond as they join the company together. This also provides a channel for people to ask questions, of which there’s likely to be overlap from one employee to another and can be addressed in one go.

Utilize Video Call for orientation

Get your new remote hires up to speed with your company by using Eko’s Video Call function to conduct training sessions virtually. Take this opportunity to introduce the company, its mission, goals and culture with a personal touch. You can use the screen sharing functionality for presentations or to share photos and videos of company activities they can look forward to joining as an employee. This format is also great for if you have assigned buddies to the new joiner, as a Video Call can help them regularly stay in touch and have a familiar face to turn to amongst their teammates.

Centralize documents and policies in Library

As soon as you finish your orientation, make sure to collate all the onboarding materials, additional training documents and company policies in Eko’s Library so new people can easily access the information they need anytime. You can organize all these files in folders so they can refer to the information immediately when they need them. Since these are in a centralized location, you can also easily update them anytime there is a change in policies, and be sure that the latest version is the most up-to-date.

Regularly touch base using Chat

New hires can often feel shy to reach out to anyone when they join the company. Why not set up regular touch points with them using Chat? With this feature, you can instantly message them to check up on how they are and make sure they have everything they need even while working remotely in a casual yet real-time way. Do let them know that they can instantly message you if they have any questions or clarifications regarding the company, as well as if they need a break and want to talk to someone even if it’s not related to work.

Encourage them to join a hub in Discover

The interest-based hubs in Discover are a great way to socialize with teammates while working together remotely. As such, this is a great way for new joiners to get to know their colleagues better and find like-minded people with similar hobbies and interests outside of work. If your company has hubs for after work activities, coffee lovers, movie nights, travel tips or the like, it can be a great starting point for your new joiners to foster new friendships.

Track their learning progress with Forms

To ensure that all new joiners are transitioning well into their roles and into the company as a whole, set up a survey or quiz using Eko’s Forms. This can be a short quiz regarding various company policies that they should’ve familiarize themselves with, or a more open-ended feedback survey on their experience so far in the onboarding process. In doing so, you’ll promote a culture of learning and growth, as well as strengthen the open-door policy for feedback from new members.

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